Subscription cleaningprice: upon agreement
Our company provides daily cleaning and support services of different commercial sites at a convenient time. We offer solution to your site according your requirements. We offer daily cleaning as well:
maintenance of the entire building and once a week cleaning.

We are in charge of:
 • Quality work performance, highly efficient working our staff.
 • Providing professional cleaning equipment, devices and sanitation accessories
 • Providing a full range of cleaning detergents
 • All social and financial commitments: salaries, social, health and retirement securities
 • Instruction on the use of all detergents, materials and equipment
 • We keep the confidentiality of information we have access to during the performance of our activities
 • We carefully select the personnel that fully meet your requirements

Subscription - Maintenance cleaning includes:
 • Vacuum cleaning or sweeping of the floor
 • Washing of hard surfaces with detergents
 • Doors and windows cleaning
 • Dusting of the entire furnishing
 • Collection and disposal of waste
 • Disinfection, refreshing and loading of sanitation materials in the restrooms

Subscription cleaning

Our company provides daily cleaning and maintenance services to various retail outlets at convenient hours. We offer solutions for your site according to your requirements.

price: upon agreement

Windows cleaning

Wash and clean swing, classic candybar and hard to reach windows, windows and cabinets

0,70 lv.

Cleaning of hard flooring

Professional cleaning - washing machines with abrasive discs and professional agents.

0,70 lv./m2


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